Dream Tank is a 501c3 youth social enterprise that is on a mission to lead one of the most effective headquarters for innovation and problem solving in the world. Their team of youth from around the world is focused on making their biggest dreams become a reality through entrepreneurship, design thinking, and collective impact. We focus on creative ideas that have a positive social and environmental impact and use the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS) as a framework. Youth ages 8-28 learn the entrepreneurial skills, gain the resources, and obtain the mindsets needed to lead their communities and cities in building a better world. By providing cross-generational teams with the tools and confidence they need to be successful, Dream Tank is on track to produce some of the most unique and beneficial products and services in the world.

Your gifts enable Dream Tank to respond to the growing interest in launching Kids’ Dreams globally! We have interest from up to 180 countries who have millions of young people’s dreams to help launch.  Before we can expand, we need to FUEL the DREAM TANK!  We’ve been operating largely as an all-volunteer team, and we want to be able to provide more consistent and regular support for the youth. Your funds will go towards delivering our programs, launching our membership for new and returning DreamMakers, and scholarships for underserved kids and teens.

Donations to Dream Tank are tax deductible. Dream Tank’s EIN # is 83-4627931.

DONATION OPTIONS: Credit card via Open collective, or you can choose Paypal or shop with Amazon Smile.