Hayden’s 13th Year Kindness Challenge

We are looking for the most creative and empathetic young people to join the Dream Tank and build a better world. Take the challenge, embrace the spirit of Hayden, and activate your kindness to spread positive mental health messages. Then join us in building teams of young people to design mental health solutions and launch their dreams!  
On April 17th, at the beginning of the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, an unimaginable tragedy struck the Hunstable family. Overwhelmed by the drastic effects of the pandemic on his family and lifestyle, Hayden Hunstable took his own life just four days before his 13th birthday. The devastated family, eager to make a difference in the lives of other children affected severely by COVID-19, shared Hayden’s story with the rest of the world. 

This year for Hayden’s birthday, Dream Tank, along with the Robert Jones Black Foundation, has put together the Kindness Challenge, a contest for the world’s youth that encourages kids from all different backgrounds to support each other through this trying time by sending in videos and tributes of kindness. Dream Tank is challenging children and adults alike to come together in spirit, if not in person, and live an extraordinary boy’s thirteenth year for him. 

Hayden’s story has inspired us all, fortifying our trust in each other as we make new connections and are reminded why, even in this time of crisis, the word “unity” is present in “humanity”. From an act of desperation, a community of support and harmony was born. From Hayden’s loneliness, so many were brought together. Our mission is to celebrate not just Hayden, but the millions of brilliant minds, hearts, and souls whose voices are drowned out by the constant commotion of the world. We have reflected on his suffering and have strived to make fundamental changes in our own lives, with our own families, that ensure no one has to go through what he did again. We have made dear friends out of complete strangers and have had the privilege to call people living across the world family. 

Hayden, you are heard. You are loved. 

And as your eyes closed, the world’s eyes opened. 

-Amalia Rose Battle (age 12)

Challenge Accepted?

What is the Kindness Challenge?

Dream Tank is launching a contest for young people to address issues of bullying, loneliness, depression, and anxiety by sharing messages of hope and support for their peers. What would they say to a friend who feels alone, or anxious? How are they going to live Hayden’s 13th year? Young people will share their art or video messages on social media and submit them to a forum on the Dream Tank website. At the end of the contest, the most moving and creative submissions will win prizes, and have their work displayed on our website, and forwarded to our network of youth.

Why This?

We’ve only realized recently how profoundly Hayden’s story has shaped us at Dream Tank. Our own disruptor-in-chief, Cody, turned to gaming during the pandemic, just like Hayden. Because of hearing about Hayden, his mom was able to tap into Dream Tanks resources and turn him towards gaming for good. Cody’s ideas lead to Island 17, a global online game for youth to solve the sustainable development goals that Dream Tank is designing in 2021. Cody is not alone. Luke, age 13, was inspired by Hayden’s story to create an anti-bullying group in online gaming called Hayden’s warriors. There’s also Amalia, a Dream Maker since age 8, who is now 12, and a contributor to this campaign, has recently received a scholarship to Astra Nova, Elon Musk’s school. 

That’s just three kids! Imagine what we can do if we empower even more young people and challenge them to make a difference and live Hayden’s 13th year. 

Almost Thirteen PSA

After tragedy struck Brad Hunstable and his family last year, they decided to share Hayden’s story in the hopes of preventing other tragedies and inspiring positive change. A year later, Hayden’s story has been heard by thousands. It has resonated with people- helped adults rethink the way they parent and inspired kids to make a difference.

 Hayden’s Kindness Challenge PSA

Key members and leadership around Dream Tank and The Generation Next Project have come together to create a powerful message reflecting on their personal journey since Hayden’s passing. From our kids and their powerful response to create ACTION, to the grown-ups in the process that are giving kids a LOUD voice and space to collaborate to help create solutions for the emotional and developmental wellbeing of humankind… we are proud to be a small part of Hayden’s big legacy.

Join our Collective Heroes Journey

A group of extraordinary people moved by Hayden’s story responded to a collective impact design challenge, pulled together this entire campaign in FOUR DAYS in time for Hayden’s birthday. You too are extraordinary and we invite you to join and support our growing global family.


Nominate Youth

Gen Z


For $1 and up and/or submitting your creation for the contest, you can join the Dream Tank global movement

Donate and nominate a 12 to 13 year old in your life to take Hayden’s 13th Year Challenge

Donation Tiers





Nominate Up to 10 Gen Z

Ignite the light of kindness as you nominate up to five youths in your life to take Hayden’s 13th Year Challenge

Nominate Up to 20 Gen Z

Become a beacon in the stormy seas of circumstances, and nominate up to 10 youths in your life to take this challenge.

Nominate Up to 40 Gen Z

Begin a venture with your community and nominate up to 20 youths to transform your children’s classrooms, sports teams or online circles with positivity and hope

Nominate Up to 80 Gen Z

Launch the pathway to dreams by donating $13 for each of the 80 children to win a place in the Hayden’s 13th Year Program, to help fund this wonderful transformation of lives and networks

Get Help Now

Immediate Mental Health Resources

1-800-273-TALK (8255)

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

The Second Wind

Mental Health Resources for Youth

Teen Line

Mental Illness is treatable and suicide is preventable

Suicide is the second leading cause of death for young people between 10 to 24. Sometimes your struggle can be underestimated because of your age. But we hear you, and help is available.

1 in 100,000 children

 ages 10 to 14 die by suicide each year. (NIMH)

Suicide is the 2nd

leading cause of death for 15 to 24 year old Americans. (CDC)

Our Amazing Partners

Many more in process

Frequently ask questions

What is the Kindness Contest?

Here at Dream Tank, we know that some of the best solutions out there come from young people. We’ve seen Luke and Cody and Amalia, who were inspired by Hayden’s story and by what they saw out in the world, design amazing projects to address bullying, make the world better through gaming, and move us forward into the future. 
Feeling inspired yet? Now it’s your turn.
Dream Tank is launching a contest for young people to address issues of bullying, loneliness, depression, and anxiety by sharing messages of hope and support for your peers. What would you say to a friend who feels alone, or anxious? How are you using Hayden’s legacy to spread kindness and find joy? Young people will be able to submit your art or video content to a forum on the Dream Tank website. At the end of the contest, the most moving and creative submissions will win prizes and you will have your work displayed on our website and forwarded to our network.
What is Hayden’s Corner?
Hayden’s Corner is a project founded by the Hunstable family in honor of their son. They address two main issues

  • Bringing together public and private partners to pass legislation to federally mandate that resilience classes are core curriculum for K-12 Schools nationally, and include learning content focused on the social and emotional development of our youth.
  • Creating PSA (Public Service Announcement) campaigns aimed at educating both kids and parents on responsible gaming and oversight from the parents and the gaming corporations
Where will my donation go?
Donations will support:  


Hayden’s Corner, to support their youth mental health advocacy and teen suicide prevention efforts.

Scholarships for Hayden’s 13th Year Program through Dream Tank to make the program accessible to as many 12-13-year-olds as possible.

Why now? Why a Kindness Contest?
Over the past year, young people have been challenged like never before. They’ve had to adjust to online or socially distanced schooling, economic challenges, and of course, a global pandemic that has affected millions and separates them from friends and family. Kids are strong and they are resilient, but over a year of fear and isolation has many struggling with their mental health. And then a mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado shook our community and left our kids struggling to process yet another tragedy. We at Dream Tank knew that we needed to do something RIGHT NOW to connect kids with peer-to-peer support networks and let them know that we are here for them.

Hayden’s story turned out to be the key. It resonated so strongly with us and our partners that we knew it and Hayden’s Corner had to be at the center of our campaign. Hayden has lifted us up and inspired us. We hope that his spirit can inspire you too.

How do I get involved?

  1. We want to hear what you have to say. Join the Challenge and use your creativity to spread messages of hope.
  2. Become a Dream Maker and join the Hayden’s 13th Year Program and/or the Dream Tank Youth Council where young people come together to support each other’s health and wellbeing, guide Dream Tank’s programs, and design solutions for some of the world’s biggest problems (don’t worry we’ll help you get there).


  1. Take some time to sit down with the kids in your life, talk with them about Hayden, and really listen to what they are going through. Especially if they are into gaming, take the time to understand what the games mean to them and how gaming could be a force for good in their lives.
  2. Submit a message of support for kids. Many young people right now are disillusioned with the adults of the world and want to see that there are adults out there that genuinely care about them and support their dreams.
  3. If you are able, donate below to help us raise funds for scholarships for Hayden’s 13th-year program and support Hayden’s Corner.
When are the deadlines?

The contest will be open from Hayden’s birthday on April 21nd until 11:59 MST June 30.

We will be announcing prize winners in July 2021

Who can submit?
Anyone who is considered GenZ. If you were born in 1998 or later this competition is for you.

12-13-year-olds are also eligible to be a part of Hayden’s 13th Year Program, and win scholarships.

If you’re not a 12-13-year-old feel free to nominate someone who is!

What are the Contest Rules?

Submit a video or artwork where you answer 1 of 2 questions

  1.  What would you say to Hayden or any other kid who feels alone, feels anxious, is struggling?
  2.  What are you going to do to live in Hayden’s 13th year?

You must Incorporate the hashtag #Haydens13thyear

Other additional hashtags you can use: #haydens13thyear #livethe13thyear #Haydenskindnesschallenge #dreamtank #haydenscorner #sdg3 #mentalhealth #conversationsmatter #1Billionyouthmovement

For video submissions


Must be 60 seconds or less

For artwork


Images must be 2MB or less

We are judging on how well you answer the questions, incorporate the hashtags, and most importantly, how creative you can be!

What are the prizes?

Of course, it wouldn’t be a contest without prizes.  To reward young people for their creativity we will be offering the winners:

  • Hayden’s 13th-year scholarship – Join the Dream Tank Island 17 Gaming for Good Youth Council and collaborate with a group of 12-13-year-olds over the course of a year to develop solutions to the challenges of health, wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mental health, bullying, depression, and more.
  • Dream Tank Dream Makers Council – Inner circle.
    • Kids and Teens can win a spot on the council where they can gain leadership experience helping guide the future of Dream Tank. Benefits also include.
      • Access Dream The Future online training.
      • World Class mentorship and support.
      • Active connection and collaboration with Dream Makers in Virtual HQ.
      • Meet for 90 minutes 1x a month with Dream Tank Management
What is the Hayden’s 13th year program?
Hayden’s 13th-year program: A year-long program to design games to help each other and the world. We are challenging 12-13-year-olds to live Hayden’s 13th year and use it to develop solutions to the challenges of health, wellbeing, emotional intelligence, mental health, bullying, depression, and more.

Youth will

  • join an advocacy council working with Hayden’s Corner to support legislation on mandating emotional health education for youth.
  • build peer-to-peer support networks within the program and in their communities.
  • Youth will design the trailer and framework for our online game where youth solve the SDGs, Island 17, focusing on how to make it a fun and supportive gaming environment

Get in Touch. Get Involved.