Announcing Dream Tank’s First Set of Fully Online Products.

Create a future Dream World with youth innovation and imagination at its core. Through these fun, future forward courses you will determine your passion,  your key gifts, and you will determine which of the SDG’s – goals for humanity and the planet – you are most passionate about.

Following the success of 4 ½  years working with youth, Dream Tank is offering an online program that will guide you from the art and power of dreaming to activating the changes you wish to see in the world. 

Message to the parents

Confidence is the biggest predictor of change.   Dream Tank gives your child the confidence to shape their own destiny, and provides tools along the way to achieve new limits that you and your child didn’t know was possible.  

We don’t believe in asking children: What do you want to do when you grow up?  Rather, we ask them: What do you want to do now?

This is especially important during recent times. The experience of an old-school model being shoved into a zoom screen, with barely any acknowledgement about how the world has changed, is disenfranchising youth around the world, with over 25% of American youth specifically contemplating suicide.  

We need to stand with the youth and provide them a platform for their dreams now, more than ever.

Message to the youth

We started Dream Tank because we believe young people, like you, are not given a voice in today’s society. 

With Dream Tank, you will help shape the future we all want. We see in society what happens with suppressed or untapped potential; it can lead to depression, bullying, health problems, overmedication, and even violence. 

We are on a mission: To unleash the creativity and potential of young people, broadcast their innovative solutions, and recruit and awaken the dreamer in all of us.